Wednesday, February 17, 2010

valentine's day, past & present

thought it would be fun to look back through our photos and peek at the last few years' valentine shots...

completely forgot about this little beauty we made for leif's daycare ladies in there not the image of a woman down the center? with hands, too? is that not the most amazing accidental art EVER?!?!? perfect for the wonderful fairy godmothers they are!

in 2007, leif created his own masterpieces, so beginning his love of glue...

in 2008, we decorated foam heart frames at doodlebugs (our art group). decorating was secondary to leif, who preferred to organize his pretties in neat little rows.

that year, both boys were old enough to cut, glue, and draw to their heart's content, and we whipped up a nice variety of cards (can you believe i didn't take a picture?).

in 2009, this little valentine was on our minds...

this year, we made some melted crayon wax hearts (chopped up old crayons with a butcher knife), which the big boys had a wonderful time arranging in the window.

at doodlebugs, we made watercolor hearts with lacing (thank you, jean). we read "love is a family", an awesome book about appreciating/celebrating diverse family structures. leif was really into the lacing part...we'll definitely be doing more of that!

and i even got plenty of time on valentine's day this year to add to the mini-book i made for joe, which grows each year with new pages.

i'd say it's been a fine few years of celebrating love!


  1. LOVE this look back at love.....I think we should stop counting the years by birthdays, but instead by Valentine's days.....:-)

  2. hey, what a good idea, jess! LOVE YOU!!!!!!