Saturday, August 7, 2010

music, arts & cars

so today was our little town's annual summertime shindig -- the huckleberry festival & kruzer's car show. i had the pleasure of putting together a few art activities for the kiddos. we set up at the local nursing home on their patio, surrounded by flowers and friendly faces. our projects reflected the festival's themes of cool old cars and music. we made:

our shadows move and groove so buddies could trace us,

toy cars crash, bash, and race through paint and across our paper (although some of us had plenty of fun just crashing in the plate on a mini demolition course...who needs paper, anyway?),

our finger & leaf prints into huckleberry bushes, ripe for the picking,

banjos (inspired by these guitars) to strum along to the groovy tunes,
and prints using this technique, but with old records instead of pans.

one of my favorite parts was seeing all those beautiful works of art fluttering on the fence.

i spent most of friday assembling all the supplies, and it was a bit rocky to have my attention so divided & directed away from the boys. but they managed to busy themselves for a time with some of the extra materials. eric used paper, a hole punch, and some string to make a cape. leif made a cardboard laptop, including an assortment of drawings paper clipped to the screen. and sam, well...he had fun trying to sneak off with scissors.

by the end of the day, we were all tuckered out. but judging by the amount of paint these kids wore home, i'd say fun was definitely had by all.