Monday, May 17, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 1.29.10, printmaking

well, in case you haven't noticed, i visit this blog a lot! so many wonderful ideas there. she'd used plastic box frames for her printmaking, but i didn't have those. so we made do with what we had...the bottoms of plastic plates, then glass & metal pans (the hardness/strength of the pans stood up better to pressing down on them, giving a much better printed image). brayers would be nice, too, but don't have those either, so we used sponge brushes instead. they worked fine, i just asked the kids to use a light coating. they used q-tips and fingers to make their designs. first, we did a trial-run at home.

this was the after-math.

then we were ready to go for art group. after the kids make their design in the paint, they lay a piece of white paper on top of the paint, press all around, and voila! they turned out awesome. i cut black paper slightly larger than the white paper to make a backing that gave it a little frame effect.

yes, that is batman leaning over to fetch more supplies.

the book we read, "bread and honey", didn't address printmaking specifically, but addressed a bigger art concept...being yourself, doing work you love, and not worrying about what other people say. the boys cracked up laughing the first time we read it. go get'll see why. love it.


  1. Great project. I love the aftermath picture :)

  2. yes, thanks for the 'after math' just lends so much more reality! :)