Monday, November 8, 2010

handprint turkeys with eric

last year, about this time, i suggested making some handprint turkeys. leif was up for it, but eric lost interest after i traced his hand. the little turkey leif made has hung above his bed ever since (well, until recently, when an unfortunate jumping incident removed him from his delicate perch). sam loved that feathered friend swinging from the ceiling and was always eager to give his hellos at bedtime/storytime. so we'll have to make sure sam gets to make one, too. but today, it was eric's turn. while leif was at school and sam slept, eric and i got busy tracing hands, cutting out feet and beaks, and applying feathers. eric was pretty enthusiastic, making both a boy and a girl. he then wondered aloud about making a cow next. hmmm.... a cow.

well, we squished his fingers a little closer together, and voila! a cow - complete with black spots, horns (one got ripped off by the same turkey molester mentioned above), and a tail.

after leif got home and saw eric's turkeys, he set to work completely on his own to make one. i visited with a friend while he traced, cut, and glued solo style. i still didn't get to make one with sam...unbelievable! he'll be first in line to make the handprint santa, okay?

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