Friday, March 4, 2011

doodlebugs 3.4.11, shaving cream trumps all

well, little did i know, all you have to do to keep a bunch of youngins' busy is spray a bunch of shaving cream in front of them. they have a number of options under these conditions: touch it ambitiously, touch it cautiously, touch it with a paint brush, apply it to their faces, whack it and see what happens, apply it to their parents' faces, draw in it, stare at it with no touching, stare at all the kids touching it in the above ways, and/or any combination thereof. i had grand plans for letting them add paint to it and even potentially taking a marbleized print from it, but you know, plain old shaving cream seemed pretty fascinating all by its lovely old self. it was very interesting to see how many kiddos explored the shaving cream in ways that surprised their grown-ups. as in, "i can't believe he's putting that on his face!" (said by me, secretly to another mom). ah, can be so freeing! i also had string painting set up, but only one little guy said hello to that station...i'll save it for another day.

so there you go...shaving cream. whoddah thunk it?

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