Wednesday, March 7, 2012

for jessica

so the other day, in my previous post, i alluded to feeling all wonky about blogging. i took a little hiatus due to a bout of the blogging (also facebook, pinterest, and internet in general) ick. i can't be the only person who leaves an intimate session with my computer feeling jealous, unproductive, unfulfilled, and well...sad. in a flash of ridiculous vengence, i've struck blogs from my bookmark bar as though that action alone will bring relief from the endless window shopping i constantly subject myself to. that's just crazy.

then a few months (or less) go by, and i step back in, cautiously, vowing to spend only so much time in front of the screen, with only a select few, purposeful stops, promising to steer clear of the not-so-feel-good-spots i know still taunt me. and i think, "hey...i can do this! i'll just look a little, share a little, and walk away...just walk away."

today, on the actual telephone, my sister and i discussed this. i think we agreed to sum it up this way: who doesn't love show and tell? especially when you're the shower-teller? it's fun. it's a method of record keeping. it's like an interactive video game involving your own actual life where real live people can jump right in and hang out a little. the thing to keep in mind, though, is that it is a game. all those pictures aren't the whole picture, that's the thing. as long as i spend sufficient time unplugged (let's not get all matrix-ey here), i think it's gonna be okay.

in the meantime, if you don't mind me thinking out loud, subjecting you to the ongoing report of my life with children, or reading my profound retellings of some of the things i've seen or heard, you're welcome to stay. make yourself at home. and if i'm on your annoying list, go ahead and delete me into cyber nothingness. jess, you say you like it, and that's good enough for me. from all the way over here to all the way over there, this one's for you.

*coming soon: more clutter shots that tell the story of our lives, in all their chaotic glory.

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