Friday, September 24, 2010

doodlebugs 9.10.10, a welcome back with holes

doodlebugs is back! after a short summer break, we're gathering the group together again for another year of artsy kiddo fun. it's going to be fun to watch as the littles get older and to see how their work grows and changes.

today, we experimented with negative space and tempera, using large paper that had holes cut out of it. we had a super cute little book, "look & see: let's count", to use as our opener, which used inwardly spiraling holes in the illustrations.

eric began painting "the ocean" and later added green "land" and yellow "sand". fun to note -- we'd just returned from the beach.

cool to see how this little guy defined his holes by outlining them.

the "hole" thing was a ball (snicker)!

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