Friday, September 24, 2010

doodlebugs 9.24.10, treasure trays

anyone who knows me well knows i like to save things. just ask my mom about my corner cupboard full of fancy disposable party ware from preschool. although i don't recall for certain, i'm sure i just couldn't bear to throw away those perfectly good, perfectly lovely plates. anyone remember those steel tins the internet companies used to send by the ton, containing junk mail cds of their programs? well, i couldn't bear to throw those away either. they were so cool, and i was just sure i'd find something* to do with them. well, i've carted them around with me for years. and today, they found their new homes...dotted throughout the county in the hands of enthusiastic young artists. today, those little ones filled those tins up with glue and treasures to their hearts' content.

instead of reading a story to begin, we looked through an assortment of "look and find" books from the boys' bookshelves. this got us into "treasure hunting" mode.

next, we filled our "treasure trays" with glue in whatever fashion we felt necessary. glue, glue, marvelous glue! we love to make oceans of you!

then we began carefully selecting our favorite treasures from the pile 'o bits and creating our designs. i set aside one golden sequin for each child to hide somewhere in their creation -- their hidden treasure. sorry, i don't have a good photo of that part, but if you could see them in person, you'd be able to hunt for them, just like in the books we used.

in the end, we had bright, sparkly, interesting collections, all nested together for display.

*to prepare the trays, i spray painted the outsides of the tins (the backs or bottoms of the trays, as pictured above), where the advertising text had been. then i used my super-dooper crop-a-dile to punch holes along the top edge. finally, i strung some yarn through the holes for hangers.

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