Wednesday, December 8, 2010

celebrating eric

this kid is officially four today. although, apparently that's not in full effect until this evening, after his "family party". when he woke up, and i said, "today's your birthday! i can't believe you're four!" he said, "i'm still three. i'm not four until my party." but he said it with a little tinge of something maybe he wasn't quite ready to be older. i'm in no hurry either, so i said, "good! i don't want you to grow up too fast." and he replied, "well, i can't do that anyway." there. we're all consoled.

then he headed straight into his room and started to work on a puzzle. surely, keeping busy with something upstairs will keep you from aging too fast.

our day was spent playing and getting ready to take treats to school (more on that later). "this is such an exciting day!" he declared. birthday treats and your turn to share at school on the same

by evening, he was pretty pooped, but not too pooped to turn four with his family. daddy home early, a few gifts, a favorite dinner, a turkey cake, and play time. he almost dozed off during dinner, but four is an energetic age, and he revived well.

clearly, the celebration was enjoyed by all.

happy birthday, sweet eric.
you are a peace-making, considerate, creative soul, and we love you to bits.

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