Wednesday, December 1, 2010


this is how it began. i had some old cereal that needed a purpose, and so we got out the yarn and started making little garlands of (fake) cheerios and dried apples for the critters outside to enjoy.

leif was interested in the yarn but not the food. i've declared this winter to be a knitting one...where we all learn together. the moment was just right to open up the computer, visit our beloved youtube and learn to finger knit. so that's what we did.

inspiration took another turn when eric decided he wanted to knit a mitten and a sock, but he wanted to do it fast. so these were his creations. i helped with the mitten shape, but the sock was all his. don't they look warm and cozy?

eventually, eric was ready to try his hand at finger knitting, too. sitting with him as he was learning was the sweetest thing. his soft little hands and his sweet voice as he said things like, "i'm really knitting!" and "this is real knitting" were so precious. tonight, as joe made dinner, i worked with him more, and he marveled at how his chains were getting longer and longer, remarking that he wanted to make a cozy scarf.

even joe was inspired by our yarn adventures, and he taught the boys how to do this while he cooked.

the concentration, joy, and ability these guys display while working on things like this is just amazing. it really seems to relax leif, and his pride and wonder at his own accomplishments are a joy. eric, at only 3, is so capable, and it opens my eyes to a world of possibilities.

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  1. My little Cami just started learning to finger knit (or finger crochet... not quite this thick). Its so neat to watch their focus. :-)