Saturday, October 2, 2010

doodlebugs 10.1.10, bleeding tissue paper design

inspired by the torn-paper-water-colorey-swirly goodness of the illustrations in the book, Now It Is Morning, by candace whitman, we tried our hands at a little bleeding tissue collage. we began by using large brushes to cover pieces of scrap mat board with a 1:2 (ish) ratio of white glue to water mixture. next, the kiddos chose from a bright assortment of bleeding tissue paper. ripping the paper allows even the youngest artist to participate. they layered the paper on the wet surface, smoothing it down with their gluey brushes. it was fun to watch them experiment with the layers, noticing how the colors changed as different papers were layed on top of one another. there was a bit of frustration at times when the tissue paper didn't lay flat, but the kiddos rolled with it, sometimes allowing the paper to bunch up and become three dimensional and/or watching with interest as the paper began to disintegrate with all the loads of gluey water they applied to make it stay.

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