Friday, October 22, 2010

doodlebugs 10.21.10, 5 little pumpkins

today we headed in a more crafty direction, attempting some cute apple print pumpkins found here, at lindsey's awesome blog, filth wizardry. she found the idea here, as well. these cute little pumpkins reminded me of the catchy (yes, it's STILL stuck in my head) preschool finger play, "five little pumpkins". so instead of a book, we practiced that and then headed over to make our own pumpkins. knowing that waiting for the pumpkins to dry long enough to draw on them wouldn't work in our setting, i opted for offering glue and black beans for the faces. i also added some sticks and brown paint for making their own little gates for the pumpkins. as always, the kids' modifications were fun to watch. i forgot to bring my camera to group, so here you see from the top: eric's pumpkins near a log, sam's creation, and leif's 2 works, first on a gate, and then with an eric-inspired log. we skipped stems for now, but drawing them or gluing on real plant bits or pipe cleaners would be fun. now, how to get "wooo-ooohh went the wind and out went the lights, five little pumpkins rolled out of sight" out of my head?

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