Saturday, October 16, 2010

harvest art

today was the last farmers' market for the season, and doodlebugs was there to host a little fall art fun for the kiddies. knowing that the air might be crisp, there would be no convenient access to hand washing, and that we'd have an array of ages, these were the activities i chose --

mini yarn pumpkins (looks like jen found the idea here) and

nature art.

the pumpkins were super cute (although they required more assistance than i usually like to give -- in the interest of creative ownership, of course). the nature art was much more open ended, and the process was exciting to witness.

this little girl used her dried seedpods like a little glitter shaker, releasing all those seeds to dance across her glue.

this young artist wasn't confined by the boundaries of the canvas, letting his elements leap off the edge.

outdoor art with creative souls...what could be better?

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