Friday, May 14, 2010

doodlebugs 5.14.10 brush motion

for this art group, we used the bold illustrations of "like likes like" by chris raschka to inspire the motion of our brushes. this book is full of painty goodness, as well as a nice message about feeling included and finding companions with whom we feel comfortable.

we noticed marks that seemed to have been made by "side to side",

"round and round",

and "up and down" movements of the brush & decided to give it a try. great directional language & cause and effect practice for our little artists!

first, we folded a piece of printer paper into thirds, so we could practice saying the words and moving the brush each of the different ways. then, following the lead of the book, we chose colored construction paper to work on, putting our new moves into action.

of course, everyone knew just what they wanted to do from there, modifying as they saw fit to suit their artistic impulses. :-) this was a nice activity to focus on process, but we all ended up loving our products, too.

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