Wednesday, May 5, 2010

little man turns the big 01!

cannot believe the day has come and year ago, i had a new little babe in my arms, my mother's and sister's hands to hold, two older brothers curiously investigating the wee one, and joe's adoring wonder at his newest son. the time flies so fast and full, and now our family of five seems to have always been this way.

**forgot to share: the last page of sam's book (3rd picture up) is a collaboration between leif and eric; from left, leif drew himself, wearing a star wars shirt, holding sam. then eric drew himself (love his "picasso" head), also wearing a star wars shirt. the black circles to the side of his head are his ponytail, inspired by obi-wan kenobi's hairdo. eric also included the tiny "anakin...far away".
**sweet birthday crown inspired by this lovely**

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