Monday, May 17, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 1.22.10, collage

we love, love, love collage. i love collage because i save everything. they love collage because it's so fun, interesting, and can really help them build a story. for this art group, i remember being inspired to gather up the collage goodies by all the action i saw going on here. i forgot to write down the book we used ( writey, no rememberey). anything about shapes, colors, collections, etc. would be great. we used felt pieces, little puff balls, string, and shaped buttons.

lately, leif's collages have been heading toward realistic-land, where there are buildings and places he's been. hotels and denver top the list. eric's are often factories of some kind. i don't have photos of the boys' work that day, but i remember leif finding a bear shaped button, which he used to create a build-a-bear store (he'd recently visited one). eric's was a cemetary-playground (doesn't that sound like a great combination?). i remember a teeter totter he'd created with a button leaning against a puff ball. we did some more collage work today (no photos i can post yet). eric's was a sandwich factory. i loved hearing him count all the stations where various things happened to create the sandwich. it must have triggered a memory of a previous noodle collage he'd done because he started to explain how the sandwich factory wasn't as complicated. leif used marker to add some "roads with guardrails" weaving around his buildings. i just love the stories they tell as they create their masterpieces.

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