Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th festivities

our celebration for the 4th of july was a day-long affair involving homemade flags, random guys in chicken suits, monstrous amounts of candy, well orchestrated naps, sparklers, and a truly wonder-full night of fireworks viewed from atop the van (well, the big boys were up there, anyway). it was busy and hot and fun and crazy (like lots of our days). it was a really good day.

and walking down to the parade that afternoon alongside the wagon, i had to marvel at those three heads, all in a row. three sun hats atop those fuzzy-headed boys of ours. it usually strikes me most when they're all lined up like that...we have three did that happen? not that part -- the part about how we arrived at this point in time when we can plop our three munchkins in a wagon and pull them all downtown. wow. the days all blend together sometimes, and then these moments hit though you're seeing a snapshot of your life through someone else's eyes. maybe that's one reason i collect these photographs like breadcrumbs in the forest...someday, they'll lead me back to this beautiful life...the one i have today.

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