Friday, July 30, 2010

sticker stories

were this to hang in some well lit art gallery, i would love to eavesdrop on the passersby as they tried to interpret it. even better, i would like to watch as eric explained to them, in his oh-so-squishable way, exactly what he intended as he created it. since neither scenario is likely, i'd love to share his narrative for him. this colorful bundle of stickers is a bird's eye view of a basketball (or was it soccer?) game. all those fruity square stickers are players, with center court delightful marked by a bunch of happy balloons. looking closely toward the top, you'll see two cutie little girlies guarding the goal. at the bottom: evidence that dinosaurs tiptoed across the court.

these little fairies are gracefully running (dancing) about, passing the ball with perfect sportsmanship and skill.

one of my favorite parts is the "scoreboard" at the top which, eric explained, is being fixed at the moment...hence the screws.

i just love listening to the stories these munchkins tell while they're making art. the story-telling process is such a huge part of what they're doing with their hands. and if you weren't listening closely, you just might miss it all.

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