Sunday, March 14, 2010

doodlebugs 3.12.10, green collage

we were thinking green for friday's art group in the spirit of st. patrick's day.

we read "a rainbow of my own", tying the themes of rainbows to leprechauns to green. ok, so it was a stretch, but when i actually read more about st. patrick's day, i opted for a more secular focus. i presented an assortment of green "treasures" for the kids to arrange onto a paper plate, and as always, the creativity was a delight to witness.

this little one went for a unique layering affect.

these are leif's "trees",

inspired by eric's standing noodle.

you know, i think my favorite things about shots like these, beside the amazing art, of course, are those delicious little fingers and the sweet looks of concentration.

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