Sunday, March 14, 2010

presenting the king, the queen, and sir sam

when i wandered into the living room yesterday, i found leif and eric playing king and queen.
they were happily seated upon their "frones", complete with name tags made by king leif. of course, i jumped right into this one (much more personally appealing that the recent podracing craze). my offers to help design crowns and pin royal capes were readily accepted. speaking in an english accent helped convince the reigning king (leif) and queen (eric -- happily, by his own choosing) that "sir sam" (see his fuzzy head in the last shot?) was a delightful part of the royal gathering, not a pesky crawling animal meant to be banished from the kingdom as quickly as possible. i even got a bit of exercise in when i became the horse, gallantly trotting the boys through their imaginary landscapes on my uplifted shins. soon, the crowns came off, and somehow the frone room became a library with a sippy cup bar code scanner. and they all lived happily ever after.

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