Friday, March 26, 2010

doodlebugs 3.26.10: mixed-media spring landscapes

although it's technically spring, we have yet to see enough warm days so far. for art group today, we brought some mixed-media spring landscapes to life with the help of this book and our imaginations.

i'd planned to have the kids use pencils and crayons to lift some texture off the sidewalk outside, but since it was snowing, we used the rough surface of the tables instead. inspired by williams' illustrations, we used shades of brown, yellow and green for the backgrounds. then we glued bits of tissue paper on top for another layer of spring color. finally, because the base paper was very thin, we backed the works with bright construction paper.

in progress

and some of our finished work.

so, spring, whenever you do decide to warm up, we'll be here waiting...arting.

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