Monday, March 1, 2010

um, yes...cemeteries...

for some time now, leif has been keenly interested in cemeteries. not sure when it all started...i'll have to ask joe and get back to you. we've had a few walks and picnics through them before, and leif has become quite fascinated. we talk about the names, the dates, and explain how things were different "back then"...especially with regard to health, diseases, medicine, life expectancy, and even the death of young children (he noticed the headstones with the little lambs right away). we take cues from the kiddos on how much/what information they're asking for, and we marvel at their insights and perceptions. leif has made many drawings of them (i'll have to photograph some of those and post them later), and now, we have some 3-D representations, too.

about a week ago, joe took leif to the cemetary for a little walk, and he came back ready to build his own with blocks, complete with "engraved" headstones. he and eric worked on it lots over the course of a few days, and it eventually had to be moved off the floor, away from the "baby monster", who innocently enjoys destroying the big boys' creations. the shot above includes a protective knight "statue" and a caged chick from the neighboring farm.

we giggled at the interesting names (leif and eric think it's hilarious when we read their "words" back to them), and i found this one especially notable..."madma"...hmmmm

the theme continued this past weekend with an outdoor version, using rocks for headstones, placed neatly in rows. i'm not sure exactly why leif finds cemeteries so interesting, he hasn't verbalized that part clearly. maybe he's attracted to the decorative aspects, the shapes, letters, and designs of the headstones and structures he sees there. or is it the feelings of love, history, story, and loss you get when you visit. whatever the reason, it's an intriguing little passion of his.


  1. I think it just goes to show what a smart little mind he has!

  2. I love Leif's fascination on so many levels and like him I'm having a little trouble articulating why...I think it just says something about his level of sensitivity, thoughtfulness and's pretty amazing to me....