Tuesday, April 27, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 11.13.09, art group lives again!

figured it'd be nice to have a record of our art group adventures, so this week, i'm going to do some doodlebug flashbacks.

first, the story... i'd led an art group back in washington, and i was excited to get something going here, too. initially, the inspiration came from wild at art, a pottery/mixed media art studio in moscow, idaho, that hosted art classes for young children. i was reading susan striker's book, young at art, at the time, and i was very excited to create as many art opportunities for leif & eric as possible. we had a great time at the studio, and i loved the way she linked it to children's books. it was a bit of a drive for us, and when an art space became available right in town, it all seemed to fit together to start a local group. it was loads of fun back then, too, but the cost was sometimes prohibitive, and i had to charge a tuition to pay for supplies and the space. oh, and the name? well, can't take credit for that, either...that was my friend, cassie...clever, yes?

fast forward a year and a half (including the crazy adventures of a move, a new baby, and a new house), and i was ready to dive in again. in our new town, i was delighted to hear of "talents & treasures", a local non-profit group dedicated to supporting local artists and events. they loved the idea of authentic art opportunities for the little ones, and generously agreed to purchase our supplies. the space we use (so perfect with a big open room, sturdy tables, and SINKS!) is also free, thanks to a local church.

looking back to last november, i see i didn't take such great photos. i'm a little better now at remembering to get close-ups of the kids' works and to look for all those wonderful details, like the chubby, dimpled fingers wrapped around a paint brush. i'll also try to include a shot of the book for the blog, so we can remember the authors/illustrators who helped to inspire us! i get lots of inspiration from the internet, too...i stumbled upon one of my favorites, the artful parent, a few months ago and find LOTS of great ideas there.

oh...so for our first class, we read cat's colors, an attractive, boldly illustrated book about a cat's favorite color. we all chose our favorite colors, and just got busy painting! leif is working in the photo above, and eric made a pretty cool "factory" that day.

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