Sunday, April 4, 2010


happy day...full of discovery, now that i think back on it. the big boys woke early and sneaked downstairs to find many of their (stuffed) rabbit friends on the table delivering a special note from the easter bunny. a bit perplexed, but willing to accept that possibility, they moved on to discover chocolate bunnies and star wars books, which kept them plenty busy while i went out to "see" if the easter bunny had hidden our eggs... sure enough, he had! we bundled up and ventured out, baskets ready for filling. even the discovery of the goodie baskets could scarcely deter them from their primary mission...hunting down those eggs.

once inside, they slowly investigated their baskets. they were pretty excited to find the first five magic tree house books, and leif kept clarifying that this did indeed mean we got to keep them, and they would not have to be returned to the library. my favorite gifts from mr. e.b.? a handpainted wooden egg for sam, and little ceramic figurines for leif and eric....a deer and a bunny. turns out the deer is a favorite of sam's...i think he thinks it's a dog (his very favorite animal right now), since he barks at it.

but the boys' favorite gifts by far were the dinosaur eggs meant to be dissected delicately by future paleontologists in order to reveal the wonderful little dinosaur inside. this trumped all else and kept them busy for a loooonnnnnggggg time....and oh, the JOY when those little dino parts started peeking out!

after food, playing outside, and naps (for sam and me...oh, sweetness!), we piled into the van for a little adventure. the little boys fell asleep in the car, and leif and joe braved the chilly wind to make some discoveries of their own, like the giant heavy spool leif insisted on rolling across the field (to bring home i suppose?), the little pond covered with mysterious tiny red flowers, and lots of bones. the evening included very tired munchkins, easter spaghetti, much-needed tubbies, and smooth bedtimes...sweet dreams.

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