Tuesday, April 27, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 12.4.09, cool colors

after a little break for turkey day, we got back to work...picking up with cool colors. just gotta use water for that one! we had little jars of super diluted water color paste and plopped ourselves right down on the floor to paint. our challenge was to collapse a coffee filter by getting it wet. i've done this with older kids in the classroom, and it will leave a nice circle shape with little white streaks here and there where the coffee filter wrinkles and less paint gets through. well, the little ones were less inhibited, and there was water everywhere. no matter...they had fun, got to talk about cool colors in a very tangible way, and ended up with some very damp masterpieces. i'm going to have to rack my brain and come back to post which book we used...can't remember and didn't write it down (mamabrainitis).

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