Tuesday, April 27, 2010

preparing the celebration

a couple of days ago, we got busy creating a pretty sweet little gift for baby sam (are they still babies at 1?). the boys & i are working on a fabric book of some of sam's favorite things. pretty funny the way some of his favorites are interpreted through they eyes of his brothers; all of eric's drawings were of star wars characters, and leif explained his tiger picture by stating that it was a cat (even though we're pretty sure sam's favorite kitty right now is of the domestic variety). we just used permanent marker on fabric scraps and then i'll applique them onto the pages. the day before his birthday, as we finished up some more pages for the book, sam kept himself busy climbing up and down the stairs all. day. long. and of course, in true 1-year-old style, he insisted on coming down head first, despite his mama's repeated instructions on turning around and coming down backward, feet first. leif did a great job keeping him busy with the bird guide while eric and i made the traditional carrot cake for first birthdays. stay tuned for photos of the big day!

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