Friday, April 2, 2010

the saga continues...

may the force be with you, or rather, with me as i absorb all that is star wars and do my best to impersonate whatever character i am assigned. i've been told i do a fair padame. my skills and enthusiasm pale in comparison to leif and eric who spend hours bringing star wars (they've seen bits and pieces of the movies) to life. their favorite activity revolves around a star wars podracing video game that joe plays while they watch. their focused observations have led to amazing lego replicas, pages and pages of drawings (inspired by the "art gallery" on the video game), and very energetic races where they become pods themselves, racing through the house and around the property. more recently, they've used fir cones as pods because they're so fun to break up into bits as they crash. they've even got the sound effects down to a science, "chorting" their way through the rotation of characters, acting out the mannerisms, voices, and postures of the myriad alien racers. leif made the books above as manuals to help me as i muddle through trying to remember who's who. each page includes a pilot, his pod, and his name. must have been very entertaining, because he's made several volumes, each with different characters....even some new ones they've created, like ronjode hmmm....

building (or repairing?) podracers (yes, that's an english soldier, but never mind that part...if you can sit, you can race pods).

the pilots "pause" their race for a quick pit stop.

at the starting line...getting set to be driven across the floor as the "announcer" gives play-by-plays of the action, while also trying to keep the "baby monster" at bay.

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