Monday, June 21, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 2.19.10, tissue paper stained glass

following this lovely lady's lead, i just had to try these. she's the queen of "stained glass" and has many great ideas for creating all kinds of cool, sun-catching art. this day, we just used some simple shapes cut from tissue paper. of course, the kiddos were excited to cut their own shapes, too. even our littlest artists got in on it, and sam seemed quite interested in the stickiness of the contact paper...forget about those silly little pieces of paper. we used colored masking tape to finish the edges, and presto! cool stained glass works of art.

we read

this is a very cool book you can "read" from any direction & a really good one for learning to "see" art and appreciate various interpretations. depending on how you look at it, the appearance of each image changes. the kids loved piping in with their own creative ideas, and
the bold, graphic images were a nice parallel to the tissue paper shapes/colors. this book is so awesome it may be showing up again for some other projects. ;-)

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