Friday, June 11, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 2.26.10, free painting with tempera & glitter

this fabulous book (another one gifted to us by my sister, book finder extraordinaire) inspires all sorts of artsy goodness. it's got a sing-song, rhyming text and bright, whimsical illustrations just dripping with movement and color. so for this group, we let the kids loose with tempera and glitter (for added magic) for a little "free" painting. by the way, this book is definitely the one you need on body art day...we may have to revisit it soon on one of these sunny days!

attempting to do photographic justice to the "mountains" of glitter. totally uninhibited use of it.

...for the love of fear.

decided to include a little tribute to sam, the napping wonder baby.

the wonder of hands.

every single time we do this group, i leave:
*with more appreciation for what art is
*with more respect for children's ideas
*promising to be more patient
*wishing more families could experience this process
*excited to share this world with others

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