Monday, June 21, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 4.23.10, an earth day creation

i wanted to do something for earth day at art group, so i was so thrilled to find this over at the artful parent.

i had this lovely book from the library with pointillistic (is that a word?) illustrations, and thought i could gather some round objects from the junk drawer for the kids to make large dots (ok, so it's a very loose interpretation of pointillism. ;-) it was a good way to focus on reusing and recycling, though, and it all just seemed to fit.

first, we used glue sticks to attach torn pieces of newspaper to mat board scraps.

then we stamped our hearts out, making a variety of different circular shapes.

of course, when paint is involved, we simply cannot resist the lure of swishing and painty gloves.

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