Saturday, June 19, 2010

what i love to see

looking through the bazillion pictures i snap helps to remember all the wonderful little moments of wow we have in our days. like everyone, i spend some time caught up in the shoulds, coulds, & woulds, chattering away inside my head about all i'm not accomplishing. collecting all these photos is such a nice way to stop and say aaahhhhhhh..... life is so good. and if you're in need of a little aaahhhhhhh, too, you should take a moment to read this...a pretty fantastic reminder that within every moment is another chance. a chance to make a change, find a new perspective, appreciate a little more.

* can't sign off without leaving the link to those fantastic pretzels. they'll make anyone's moment waaayyyy yummier! found 'em through jean's "the artful parent" site :-)


  1. Holy cow are your kids photogenic...or you're a GREAT photographer...or both! Most definately both!!