Friday, June 11, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, 5.28.10, black & white contrast

we used the book, "round trip" by ann jonas as our launch. the book is a beautiful, unusual one i remember from childhood, and i'm always excited to share its surprise with other kiddos.

on the way there and on the way back...

to begin, i taped two 9x12 pieces of construction paper together, one white and one black, to use as the substrate. then i collected all kinds of black and white collage goodies to glue on top.

i encouraged the kids to turn their work different ways in order to view it from different perspectives, just as we did when we flip the book over at the end.

when leif asked why we didn't also have black glue, i was delighted to be able to "fix" that problem by running out to the van where i just happened to have a little black food coloring on hand (sometimes it pays to not clean out your car very regularly). once the black glue was in play, more inspiration struck, including writing with it.

this one captured everyone's attention for quite some time. the materials? the contrast? just the mood that day? a nice little trip.

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