Monday, June 21, 2010

doodlebugs flashback, construction paper faces

this week, we were inspired by this book to create some unique faces of our own. it was fun to use a book of photographs, rather than an illustrated one, for a change.

after we talked about how crazy and wonderful it is that each person is totally unique (the kids seemed quite perplexed, yet pleased about that),

we played a little pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey-ish kind of game. ours was pin-the-feature-on-the-face, and each artist got the chance to come on up and place a construction paper shape wherever they wanted. next time, i'll have to bring some picasso works in to share, as well.

it was great fun to take a little break from paint and to go crazy with all kinds of scraps and shapes. very neat to watch all the faces take form with such variety and freedom. and i should also mention my art-group-leader-oops as a little reminder to us all... one little guy was working away on his face when i strolled over and noticed two small pieces sort of sticking out of the side with something else attached to those. in my hasty appraisal of the situation, i assumed something had accidentally gotten stuck to his face, and i "helped" him pull those pesky stragglers off. he patiently waited, and then politely informed me that was his face's body. OH MY HEC!!!! red alert! what was i thinking??!?!?!? fortunately, i almost always remember to keep my "helping" hands off other people's art...jeezaloo....

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