Tuesday, June 1, 2010

our new (to us) easel

driving past the thrift store the other day, i saw an easel just waiting for us! a quick u-turn and five dollars later, it was ours. i wanted a wood one, but this one will do, and the boys are pretty excited about it. the little trays in front are perfect for holding our no-spill paint cups, and i like the idea of just being able to let the whole thing sit out, just waiting for inspiration to strike. we've painted just about everywhere...the table, the floor, outside, on the wall, in the tub, on the sidewalk, you name it, but i always wanted the boys to have an easel. it was quickly set up outside, and everyone gave it a go.

we were all pretty tickled to see sam crawl on over and stand right up to do some painting of his own. he was even balancing for a moment or two, too preoccupied with his artwork to notice he wasn't holding on to anything!

leif whipped out a few flags, to make his own "avenue of flags", just like the one they set up at the cemetery for memorial day. flags...that reminds me...stay tuned for a post on that, too!

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